Another Arnel Salgado masterpiece

Dear None,
The Fireless Inferno continues to lure people here.  A lot of people have wanted it for a long time and the fact that it is freely available (for a limited time only! – thanks to Megaupload, mind you) means that it is in demand.
Unfortunately, no one has left any comments, so I don’t know if the file is being downloaded ok.  (Although, I assume that if there were problems I would hear about it because complaints flow far more freely than thanks.)  Still, I would like to know that all is well and that the book is being thoroughly enjoyed.  A few thank you’s wouldn’t go wrong either, if anyone were that way inclined.
To be fair, I did get called "a kind soul" by one nice blogger ( – thank you!!), but that is all, as far as I know.
So, because I have the human need for interaction, I will try something out. 
Now Hear This:
If you are a fan of the works of Arnel Salgado and want to read more of his books which are largely unavailable, here is an offer:
As of now, over 300 hits on this site have been received since The Fireless Inferno went up.  No comments have been received.  If 250 meaningful comments are received from different people, I will scan and post another of Salgado’s books – Kidnapped by the Gods.  I understand that posting may require getting a Windows Live passport, but it is free, so the price to pay is small.  (Now there’s a non sequitur.)  When the target is reached, I will start scanning.
Also, I am willing to consider judging the best comment and awarding a prize of an original copy of Kidnapped by the Gods to the writer of the best one.  Negotiations will be entered into with the winner about postage costs if it is going to be too much for me to bear, but the book will be free.  Huzzah!
Also, if anyone out there is from the Philippines and seriously wants to help with trying to get a new edition of The Fireless Inferno published, can do some legwork over there in Baguio with the printers or with the Author himself (wherever he is now), please let me know and I can give you such information and leads as I have and we can make it a definite project.
The Chairman of the Bored
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2 Responses to Another Arnel Salgado masterpiece

  1. michael says:

    Hi joey.. no fruitful comments about the book… but what i\’m interested in hearing ish….. whether the prize ur offering would be worth more than the postage cost???  hehe..
    Wonder if i can win a prize for posting!! =)

  2. Unknown says:

    How rude of me. I did however thank you (or Jara) over at jessica zafra\’s blog.
    Thank you. Im still awestruck by the book.

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